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My fellow marketer,

Let me ask you something, what’s the one thing which separates a nobody in the Internet Marketing game from a somebody?

What separates a top-notch marketer from a complete newbie, or a marketer who’s struggling to make ends meat no matter how hard they try?

Well, let me tell you, it’s a few different things; general marketing know-how is helpful, the ability to write copy, and design pages for conversions is important too, but, possibly more than ANYTHING;

You have to be able to CONSISTENTLY generate
targeted traffic to your offers.

Now, if you’ve got $1,000’s lying around in drawers, then no problem, generating targeted traffic is relatively easy to do. You can simply learn how to run a paid traffic campaign, or hire a company to do it for you, who’ll only charge you 15-20% of your total monthly adspend, and you should do pretty good.

But, for most people, I know that’s simply not the case. Most Internet Marketers are forced to rely on free traffic… and the problem with free traffic?

It isn’t easy to get.

Anyone who tells you otherwise either isn’t being perfectly honest with you, or simply doesn’t understand the reality of the situation.

Sure, you can get junk traffic pretty easily… but real, quality, targeted, relevant traffic? That’s another story…

In fact, the one thing that tends to separate REAL Internet Marketers, from the ones who’re still working a day job, or simply struggling to make money at all, is their ability to get a lot of targeted, free traffic easily.

Have you run into this problem as a marketer?

It’s almost a catch-22… you need traffic in order to make money, but it seems like to get any decent traffic at all, you need a lot of money.

Sure, there are some other ways to get some traffic, but none of them are really all that useful for getting you the quality of traffic that you need to really improve your business.

Without getting people to see your offer, you won’t make any sales, and could find yourself out of business in no time. An otherwise great business can be crushed by its competitors simply due to an inability to get send quality traffic to your site and offers.

So what’s some of the major ways people normally go for free traffic?

Well, SEO no longer really works well, because backlink

have to be earned, not built, and that can take a very LONG time. Sure, if you have the patience to consistently publish quality articles for a few years, then you can get a bit of traffic that way, but it won’t cause a flood of people knocking your door down looking to do business with you anytime soon.

Of course, for some businesses, there are places you can advertise for free, such as Craigslist or other directories, but those will typically only give you a small trickle of low quality traffic… nothing really helpful.

Then of course we have Social Media Marketing (SMM). There are a lot of great benefits to Social Media Marketing, but unfortunately, most people simply don’t do it properly, and achieve very little in the way of results most of the time.

A lot of businesses have been transformed very quickly by getting targeted, relevant traffic from social networks (and lots of it) but what’s a major thing that MOST of these networks have in common?

They are VERY strongly against self-promotion in most forms. Most of the time, when you promote your business on these social networks you’re typically looked at like a crude spammer, and can very easily get your account banned or suspended.

You know who does allow quite a bit of self-promotion? Facebook.

That’s right, Facebook is happy to allow you to promote your business… so long as you’re willing to pay five dollars a click to use Facebook Ads. Otherwise sorry, it’s a no go.

So, with all these issues, what’s a marketer to do? Is Social Media Marketing even viable these days, at all? Can it still be used to propel a business to new heights?

The answer is YES. Absolutely. Social Media Marketing can still be used to skyrocket your business and garner you SERIOUS profits IF you know how to use it, as well as which sites to use.

Yes, I’m Ready To Rule At Linkedin Marketing!

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To Your Success



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